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He was instrumental in establishing the album cover as a work of art in its own right: an aesthetic production that has just as much to say as the music it contains. Dowling was a master of the analogue process, crafting his images without the aid of photoshop, CGI, and digital enhancements an art that today’s camera phone generation is fast forgetting. He worked with well known art director Storm Thorgerson on the cover art for Pink Floyd’s 1987 album, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”.

This extraordinary venture, staging of hospital beds on a beach – that took two weeks to capture – earned Dowling a gold award at the Association of Photographers Awards. His work is known and respected all over the world.

Copywriting: Pink Floyd (on behalf of Pink Floyd Records); LatinAutorPerf, BMI – Broadcast


Laurence Poole

Ute Langanky














Fraser Lawson - Avivson Gallery


JOANNA GILBERT - Avivson Gallery

ART KARLSRUHE 2020 artist's list


15 January - 8 February 2020 - DIRK SALZ
15 January - 8 February 2020 - DIRK SALZ

Magnus Irvin

Antoni Tapies


August 2019 Photography Summer Show

  • Stas Bartnikas
  • Robert Dowling
  • Judah Passow
  • NPier
  • Stefan Maria Rother
  • Graham Parkinson
  • Mercedes del Cura
Stas Bartnikas





Nadav Drukker 19 June – 29 July

From the 19th of June till end of July 2019.
Israeli, b. 1968, scientist in Princeton and Copenhagen, presently at Kings College London. Ceramics decorated with scientific formula.


DOROTHY BOHM Colour Photographs

A selling exhibition of over forty colour prints selected by the photographer, many of them never seen in public before
9 May – 14 June 2019
Vernissage 8 May 6 – 9 pm
RSVP to [email protected]

Avivson Gallery Highgate

The Avivson Gallery is pleased to announce its next exhibition, a selection of small and exquisite colour prints, many of them images never seen in public before, by doyenne of British photography Dorothy Bohm.
Intimate in scale and mainly domestic in subject-matter (still lifes predominate), these are lyrical, poetic images that delight the eye. Unlike most of Dorothy’s photographs, they are largely unpeopled, yet even in inanimate objects, a warm human presence is implicit.
Some thirty C-type prints, dating mostly from the 1990s, will be included, alongside a smaller selection of jewel-like polaroid images, which marked Dorothy’s transition from monochrome to colour in the early 1980s.

DOROTHY BOHM - Colour Prints
Still Life, Hampstead,1997




“The river we stepped in Twice”
7 – 25 September 2018
Curated by David Connearn