“The painterly passion and physical power of abstraction and pure expressionism, the grit of the street, all the visual sounds – the gentle swirl, incised marks, the beat of the music, the bold sweep of his painters brush, his intuitive mark making, architectural textured surfaces, the protest of secretly graffitied messages resonate through his surface language to create a work full of intimacy that is physical, colourful and powerful engaging the viewer with an incite into his pyrotechnic impression of the city scape in which he lives. The light, the joy, the fear, the movement, reverberate across his canvas… 
it’s shear joy.”

Shola Deyumi – art curator.


Ratio is a self taught artist inspired by music, graffiti, textures and his urban surroundings.
Having grown up in the rural countryside it was when he first moved to the city that he was instantly captivated by the wall graffiti art, all the amazing torn posters advertising club nights, musicians and fashion.
His practice is all intuitive, it’s all about a feeling and it will usually begin by getting inspired by listening to music in his studio and then he will begin the process of starting a painting. This will involve building layers of colour washes, graffiti, collage of posters and plaster and concrete to create a surface language.

Today he is based in London, his art is inspired by the search of a personal language rooted in abstraction, memories and dreams that can’t be expressed by words.

A scent of optimism mixed with chaos, risk and total spontaneity gives his art a distinctive language and personality. He owes to music and dance the colours and movements he depicts in his paintings, the choreography of colour and line, the spontaneous gestures and palette all guided by a non verbal state of mind.

Visit Ratio website here.

Selected exhibitions:

Custard factory Birmingham , group show 2016
Ikon gallery Birmingham, group show 2016
Z4 gallery rotation Birmingham, solo show 2017
Emerge Contemporay, London group show 2019
Walton fine arts , London group show 2019 / 2020
Matrix Contemporay, NYC group show 2020
Enfield arts council , street posters 2020
Galleria azur Madrid , opening group show 2021
Avivson , London summer group show 2022

Work in private + corporate collections


Ratio - Avivson Art Gallery London