McLaughlin, Jerry

I am fascinated by the intimacy between darkness and beauty. Creating something that is dark yet evocative and beautiful is challenging…and deeply satisfying.
The work in this show is informed by the images and ideas in Federico Garcia Lorca’s Diván del Tamarit and Sonetos del Amor Oscuro, poems of desire and death, love and loss. Poetry is an ial source for my ideas. Finding moods and sensitivities in words helps me understand how to do that in painting.
Despite these deeply emotional aspects, formal exploration and materiality are also fundamental to my work. I build my abstract paintings using cold wax medium (a soft, beeswax paste), oil paint, powdered pigments, and wood ash. I choose these materials for the tactile experience I get working with them and for the textures and surfaces they allow me to create.
Those textures and surfaces are vital to my paintings. Texture is unique among the visual elements. It is not only something you can see. It is also something you can touch, something you can feel physically. And we are tactile creatures. Textures evoke desire – desire not only to look at but also to touch.

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